The project proposal for the elements of urban furniture aims towards the valorisation of Sappada, re-elaborating certain foundational traits that determine its image in a contemporary key. The proposition entails a new setting made of small contemporary objects belonging to the same family and able to perfectly complement the atmosphere of the borough. The first decision involved the aesthetic unification of the various required interventions, as if they were notes belonging to a single musical score; in this manner the unitary character of the town is reinforced, imprinting a clear mark that becomes familiar and recognisable, avoiding an accumulation of figures with differing languages. The bus stop, the information boards, the welcome facilities for the town and for the historical boroughs are thus traceable to a single nucleus of conceptual references; these are subtly connected to the world of American plastic art and particularly to the works of Richard Serra and Donald Judd, who often work with elementary figures sitting in the landscape, generating subtle interferences and employing repetition and seriality as tools of expression.

project team: Alessandro Tessari, Matteo Bandiera
project: City Center regeneration
status: International Competition. First Prize
date: 2020.07
client: Sappada City Concil