The Science Center of Ljubljana is part of the urban and landscape context of the city, trying to interpret and unify the different souls of the area, a sector relatively close to the center but maintaining a "rural" character. For this reason the project proposes a strongly dualistic scheme: externally the building looks like a large artificial hill that gives continuity and strengthens the river park, which can be freely crossed by citizens, regardless of the use of the Center, and used as a panoramic terrace over the city. Internally it has a luminous and monumental space, in which the different uses of the center find their place, in a series of wooden "containers", stacked and stowed almost like in a port.

project team: Alessandro Tessari, Matteo Bandiera with Progrin (engineering) and Landstudio 015 (landscape)
project: Science center. Ljubljana, Slovenia
status: International competition. Short listed
date: 03.2019
client: City concil of Ljubljana