The design idea lies in the dialectics of interruptions and discontinuities, characteristic of the ancient factory of Palazzo Diamanti, highlighting some dichotomies such as the finished-unfinished relationship, the contrast between opacity and transparency and the fascinating internal-external ambiguity. The new building looks like a poetic object grafted in the palace system almost without touching it and strongly reported to the park. The "Ephemeral nature" of the new project comes from the observation of the Ferrara gardens. Many of these oasis, hidden in urban densities, host small playful, recreations pavilions that maintain a strong formal and quality independence from the surrounding civilian buildings. The proposed project maintains this discreet characteristic, establishing tension between the powerful mass of the building and the green area. The structure in brown iron and glass, featuring interior spaces and facades, combines a mechanized external curtain system, reinterpreting the traditional red curtain of the

project team: Alessandro Tessari, Matteo Bandiera, Nicola Di Pietro
project: Museum extension. Ferrara, Italy
status: International competition
date : 06.2017
client: City council of Ferrara