The Primary School is composed of a particularly simple and recognizable volume, placed along the edge of the lot, almost like a protective wall. It is composed of four simple bodies placed along the north-south axis; it is a family of similar figures welded together, forming a unitary and monolithic system. This configuration allows the addition of the new building in the area in an appropriate way to scale of the neighbouring private residences, avoiding excessive development in height, which would compromise the quality of the central garden. The configuration recalls a recurrent model of edification in local historic architecture, characterized by large compact masses on the road, which protect the intimacy of the inner courtyard with thick walls. The embrasure openings that perforate the facades reinterpret in a modern way the windows at different scales of the traditional buildings of the village. The internal partitions of common areas use the same approach; here the internal openings interact with those of the external facade composing a sophisticated visual relationship with the landscape.

project team: Alessandro Tessari, Matteo Bandiera, Nicola Di Pietro and Patscheider & Partner (engineering)
project: School. Sarentino, Italy
status: International competition. Short listed
date: 2015.10
client: City council of Sarentino