The sense of identity of a place is its capability to develop through time without losing its own character and keeping its values, forms and traditions; the project of the new residence for senior citizens in Cortina comes from a deep reflection about particular state and place. On the one hand, the physical context of the proposal is a natural slope in the historic area of Chiave, in the north of Cortina, from where it is possible to glance towards a spectacular mountain landscape. On the other hand, the cultural and technological context formed on a basis of traditional constructional logic has modelled the aspect of Cortina throughout the centuries. The project is set spontaneously in the intense presence of both contexts: two volumes around a central yard are lightly laid upon the slope, almost without touching. The settlement evokes to the building typology of alpine architecture, whose low level is set back relative to the higher levels. This strategy becomes the main method of creating relationships between the interior and exterior of the public spaces in the proposal. The higher floors contain the residential area, which enjoys a special relationship with the environment. Also, the usable roof hosts a garden system with different paths and allotments, an authentic meeting place for recreation where private gardening becomes the main activity. From the roof garden, it is possible to clearly look out the amazing mountains of Valle d’Ampezzo landscape. As set out, the system enables the architecture disappear quietly from its context, while attracting and enlarging the tone of the same context.

project team: Alessandro Tessari, Matteo Bandiera, Nicola Di Pietro, German Pro Lozano and Gianluca Parcianello, Fausta Occhipinti (landscape)
project: Senior city. Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy
status: International competition. First prize. Ongoing
date: 01.2014 - …
client: Cortina D'Ampezzo per anziani ONLUS